Riversides PARATAB10 Challenge

Every year Riversides School, set the Year 11 pupils a challenge of hiking 10 miles whilst carrying weights. This year was no different, the route remains the same and the weights as always remain the same. The challenge is based loosely around an entry requirement for the Parachute Regiment. Every pupil must carry 20kg of weights in a back pack and hike along roads, up hills, through fields and along the canal path. They are given 4 hours to complete the task and all back packs must return with the full weight still intact. We always do the challenge just before Christmas as the weather is cold, wet and miserable and this adds to the rigorousness of the trial. This year all the pupils who took part in the test showed a great amount tenacity; mentally and physically and pushed past their limits to complete the task, plus this year was the quickest times every achieved with the first boys crossing the line in 3hrs 30 minutes. When they crossed the line each pupil was met by Mrs. Hill (Head Teacher) and presented with an engraved trophy. Excellent stuff.