Summer School Programme

What is the Summer schools programme?

The Summer schools programme was set up in response to the impact that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic had on pupils learning. The aim of the Summer schools programme was to provide pupils with academic education and enrichment activities in order to mitigate the impact of lost learning, particularly with regard to reading and mathematics.

At Riversides School we aimed to ensure that our summer school programme was used by the pupils who would benefit most. In addition to providing support with English and maths, the funding was used to improve our Summer school programme, which offered an opportunity for pupils to enhance their learning and wellbeing through a range of activities.

School details
Name of school: Riversides School School
Type: SEMH School
Total number of pupils: 63 on roll
Pupils eligible for FSM: 44
Number of pupils who attended the Summer schools programme: 6
Total number of absent pupils: 0
Dates the Summer school took place: 02.08.21 to 13.08.21
Number of days offered to pupils: 10
Year group(s) which attended: 7 / 8 / 10

Allocated funding

Allocated Funding
Total funding received: £21,492.00
Funding received per pupil: £1,791.00
Amount of funding spent: £4,605.89

Summary of spending

The funding enabled the school to:

  • Provide quality enrichment activities that benefitted students’ reading skills.
  • Provide activities that some students’ parents might not have been able to offer.
  • Ensure the students’ to staff ratio was appropriate for the successful delivery of the programme.

Record of spending to deliver the summer schools programme

Item or project Cost
Staffing £3,269.08
Reading books £66.81
Transport £1,270.00


In week 1 of Summer school, the students used the text and film version of The Spiderwick Chronicles to learn about parts of speech in English. This involved describing monsters and settings with adjectives, using adverbs of manner to describe how verbs were done, using connectives to link clauses, and also using simile and metaphor to compare things. In numeracy, we studied angles and their properties. Students also had targeted times-table interventions to help them improve their knowledge and fluency. Social skills were developed during PE, a trip to the park, and in various social games in tutor time. This involved using adjectives to describe monsters and settings as well as looking at including adverbs and a wider range of verbs. Pupils also used connectives to link clauses and similes and metaphors to compare things.

Riversides Summer School Funding