Year 11 hand over the baton

With the end in sight for the Year 11’s to leave and move onto pastures new, it was time for handing over the baton to the year 10’s soon to be Year 11’s). When students enter Year 11 they are expected to partake every Friday in some very tough physical challenges. This could be a cycle from Bromsgrove to Worcester, hike 10 miles in the freezing cold carrying 20kg of weights or even straight line walking through dense undergrowth up to 6 foot tall. This years, Year 11 were no exception and no matter what was thrown at them, they lapped it up. So last Friday it was a chance for the Year 11’s to introduce the Year 10’s to what lay ahead.

The boys were split into two groups with each group being led by two year 11 boys. Each group was dropped off at  different locations and the task was to scale the Malvern Hills to the Beacon in the quickest time possible. But the proviso was that the Year 10’s had to carry 15KG of weights. The boys were supported from a distance by staff and were in constant radio contact throughout the whole task. As both teams came into view from the Beacon it was neck and neck with all the boys finishing the endeavour within 2 minutes of each other. Excellent challenge which showed great team work and tenacity from all involved.