Riversides Local Executive Governing Body (LEGB) is a partnership of governing bodies alongside Newbridge . The LEGB is accountable to the Trust’s Board of Directors and is under the direction of the Executive Headteacher.

The LEGB essentially fulfils the same role as the Governing Body of a maintained school. Their focus is the core business of their pupils’ attainment and progress.

If you would like more information about the structure of the LEGB and what it is responsible for within the CLPT you can find more information on the CLPT site, found here.

Chaire of LEGB: Dee Milbery

Name Governor Type Term From Term To Additional Information Roles Address Mobile Tel Email
Ms Annalisa Bond Staff governor



15 Oct 2020 14 Oct 2024   Health & Safety
Mr Ian Enwright Executive Headteacher



Mr Mark Green Staff governor



01 Sep 2018 31 Aug 2022   Website
(Not shared) (Not shared) (Not shared)
Mr Jay Hart  



Mrs Ruth Meachem Co-opted governor



01 Sep 2018 31 Aug 2022   ViceChair
Pupil Progress/Curriculum
(Not shared) (Not shared) (Not shared)
Wendy Mercer Trust Governor



09 Dec 2019 8 Dec 2023   Pupil Premium/Safer Recruitment
Mrs Dee Milbery Co-opted governor



26 Jun 2018 25 Jun 2022   Chair
(Not shared) (Not shared) (Not shared)
Lizzie Ransted Co-opted governor



15 Oct 2020 14 Oct 2024
Mr Doug Selkirk  



      CEO (Not shared) (Not shared) (Not shared)