School Uniform

We would like all children to wear Black or Grey Trousers with a school logo polo shirt and sweatshirt.

Shoes are to be Black, soft trainer type is acceptable. Trousers can be tracksuit bottoms to support sensory needs. You might like to have extra trainers for PE or Outdoor Education also we advise that you have spare clothes and rain coat when attending Outdoor Education. You may be required to have swimming kit but we will give plenty of notice when your class will be attending.

We have made some changes to improve the system for supplying school uniform. Please follow the link:

Search for your school using our school postcode WR1 3HZ, or find the uniform link on our school web-site. Uniforms can also be purchased from Supermarkets.

There are no minimum order quantities and your uniform will be delivered directly to your chosen address for only £2.99. We are happy for your order to be delivered to school and this is free of charge.

Other ordering information including sizes, delivery information and the returns procedure is also available online or we have attached a copy for you.

Information For Year 11’s

Now you are in year 11 it is felt that you can have more responsibility to reflect your growing maturity. These are privileges that you will need to earn and keep up during the year and if not Mrs Hill can remove any at any point throughout the year.

Part of this is not wearing the schools uniform as in previous years.

You can now wear smart casual clothes of your choice. However we would like this to be Trousers not jeans, sensible shoes with no logo t-shirts or sleeveless t-shirts.