Sports Premium

At Riversides School, we pride ourselves on promoting healthy lifestyles through the taught curriculum, extra-curricular activities and participation in sports festivals and inter and intra competitions.

Our school vision is to create a physical education curriculum that motivates, enthuses and develops every child to become a lifelong learner and participator.

We aim to give opportunities for all pupils to develop their physical, leadership and coaching skills. As a school we want to create a buzz about physical activities where every child feels confident and ready to participate.

Primary Support Premium

Since September 2013 every primary school received £8000 funding plus £5 per pupil aged 5 and over on roll to help raise and develop the delivery of high quality PE in school.

The Purpose of this Funding

We are obliged to spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE, sport and outdoor learning, and we have the freedom to choose how we do this.

Last Year we spent this premium on the following;

  • Employing specialist outdoor education adults to work with class teachers and teaching assistants when delivering outdoor learning
  • Engaging in competitions, or increasing pupils’ participation in offsite sporting events within the trust
  • Buying sports equipment that enables the delivery of quality PE sessions.
  • Providing swimming for all pupils and ensuring our pupils can swim by the time they leave the school.

In 2020/2021 we will aim to spend it on;

  • Gymnastics equipment (mats, benches, etc.)
  • Sports equipment (balls, etc.)

At Riversides School we believe in the importance of developing pupils’ physical competence and confidence across a range of activities. A wide range of PE is delivered to the pupils, which aims to engage and inspire all pupils.

The school has worked hard to develop our Physical Education through curriculum time. The school currently provides a minimum of 2 hours of PE every week which is often boosted by the amount of outdoor learning that our pupils receive.

Riversides School currently offers a range of sporting and outdoor opportunities to its pupils during school.

Sports/outdoor learning opportunities include: –

*Football     *Hockey     *Rugby     *Lacrosse     *Cricket     *Dodgeball     *Hockey     *Badminton     *Tennis     *Rounders     *Baseball     *Basketball     *Netball     *Athletics (track and field)

Where we need to go in future

Having looked at our current practices in relation to national expectations of sport provision within Primary Schools, we identified a few areas for development.

These include:

  • Attempt to participate in inter school competitions.
  • Ensuring that we continue to provide high quality outdoor learning.
  • Developing the breadth of curriculum and equipment available to pupils.

The expected impact

When all of these objectives have been met, we expect to see an even wider range of pupils are interested in sport. We hope that there will be a greater opportunity for parents to have more involvement in sporting activities and that all the staff will feel far more confident with the PE that they are delivering. We expect to see a wider range of pupils taking up sport outside of school and most importantly we want to drive home all the fundamental values that underpin all sport which are so important, those of team work, unity and driving forward towards even greater achievements. The children of Riversides School will benefit greatly from entering in to the wider community as this will develop both sporting and social opportunities