De-Escalation Training

De-Escalation Training is an essential piece of training that is repeated yearly for all members of staff at both Newbridge and Riversides school and can be booked out for both other primary and secondary schools across Worcester.

The aim of the training is to provide all staff within an educational setting with techniques and understanding of how to de-escalate a situation prior to crisis point and how to support students after they have reached crisis point. This includes:

• Assessing examples of ineffective behaviour management/pupil support
• Observational techniques in recognising changes in behaviour
• Modelling and recognition of facial/emotional expression
• Reflection upon existing practice
• Systems/routines to implement to support every child
• The impact upon others of conflict
• The importance of positivity
• The need to teach students what good behaviour looks like
• Planning the lessons for social and emotional progress
• The use of correct language
• The importance of body language and position
• The power of choices
• The importance of the relationship

The course will take approximately two and a half hours and can be arranged through either Riversides or Newbridge school offices.

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