World Book Day

On World Book Day, the staff and students of Riversides School had a wonderful day, celebrating the joy that books and stories bring to us all. Many of the staff dressed up – we had: Burglar Bill, The Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs; the three witches from Macbeth; Where’s Wally? and Curious George. Students also dressed up as their favourite book characters and completed activities around the school. In Primary 3, the day was all about the adjectives used in books to make characters come to life and they wrote down lots of adjectives to describe themselves. Primary 1 conducted a reading Treasure Hunt, where they had to identify the title of each book from a picture from the front cover. In the secondary school, the older students completed activities, quizzes and enjoyed reading books. It was a lovely day, full of laughter and we hope that the students claim their free book, using their World Book Day 2022 vouchers!